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I like you a lot Mr. Charles...

Written on February 5, 2016

Dear Mr. Charles,

Probably you´ll never read this. In fact, I hope you don´t, because I will not be able to come back work, and see you face to face. If this ever get to cross your eyes (and here I pray again it won´t happen) you should know that who is writing you is the administrative assistant, the woman who tries to take care of you when you are so kind to fill out the office with your presence, the one who brings you water, offers coffee, orders and prepare your lunch, and would be there if you need her assistance in anything… yes, -ANYTHING-.

Maybe you haven´t notice me… Of course! If there must be a thousand women around you just like me. And not just like me, even with bigger tits than me! But there is a difference between those thousands and me: none of them feel as naughty and happy as I feel when you are around.

I knew you on July, on an interview (you scared me, I remember). That day you had my curiosity, now you got my attention. So elegant, serious, charming, hot: your virtues. Your defects, may be listed by others because I don´t get them at all. I even find sexy the way you seat at the office to work; you look so sexy when doing business, and your voice… You should know, Mr. Charles that your hair is so beautiful, it delights me, that I remember how well you dance salsa, and meringue, and that I love the way you look with your light gray and your blue suits.   

I blush long enough and doubt if I should write other things you should know. For example: That I hope you remember I´d asked you twice about your birth date because it was important to me not to miss holding you on that special month, I´m sure if I could find a reason to justify it, I´ll get something as amazing as you for a bday gift to you. And you must know, being cheeky, that I wear sexy underwear sometimes when you are around as a gasp to say “come on get me, here I am”. That every time I ask you: “Do you want coffee?” I held to myself the words “I can make it just the way you like it, do you want to try it¨. That I planned to leave this letter (that I don´t want you to read) on your desk, but will never dare.

I must confess Mr. Charles, that I imagine myself pulling you against me and doing a lot of perverse things to you, and also that I had never been this hot woman I am discovering in me through you, in fact and don´t tell, I am in total chastity long time ago, but you came along and lighted my fire.

You see Mr. Charles, this letter is taking another tone, and that is why I doubted at the beginning if I could name it a ¨letter¨. But, it is just madness, as when I´d practice to tell you: “I really like you Mr. Charles, just wanted you to know it, count on me for “anything” you need¨. 

(Wanting to be) all yours, 


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Frank -

What a letter! Great composition. Lucky man that ¨Mr. Charles¨, yes, he is lucky!
First time at your blog, will stop by from time to time!